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Crowd Management

A crowd management program needs to be designed and applied in advance of occasions that are most likely to draw large crowds in order to take care of employees from crowd-related injuries, theft and loss prevention.

Retailers are prone to theft when frenzied shoppers crowd the stores for the period of the rush of the holiday period. Store aisles are filled and items get picked through by the throngs of hectic shoppers. With the popularity of flash mobs, celebrity appearances and time-sensitive sales, your workers may be more distracted than ever.

Employees are best prepared for these kinds of events when managers also incorporate pre-setup and emergency situation management in their programs. Such programs should contain having trained security personnel or law enforcement officers on site, erecting barricades or rope lines for pedestrians that do not start at the store’s entry, placing emergency procedures in place that handle potential dangers and discussing approach and opening procedures to the arriving public.

Throughout the holiday seasons, special discounted price days or new openings, retailers ought to be prepared for increased customer activity while keeping up their standards of service. Because of so many people drawn together in limited quarters, it’s crucial that retailers make sure a crowded environment continues to be safe for all.

Each promotional sale and special event will be unique. Nevertheless, some of the similar components to preparing and arranging for the event can be incorporated in the promotional sale/special event plan. It’s important to remember that every plan should be flexible and modify with circumstances.

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