Loss Prevention

Learn more about loss prevention.

We are interested in your loss and provide loss prevention services focused on your profitability to minimize your loss in your business.

Loss Prevention is not remembered or understood until some incidents happen in the business. When an incident happens, this question comes to mind right away “Could I prevent this incident by taking appropriate measures?” Yes you can, or you can minimize your loss and the effects of incidents.

Loss Prevention is a systematic thinking activity that leads and questions below facts:

  • Do I have any loss in my business?
  • How do I know that my business has loss?
  • What is the size and value of my loss?
  • Is it possible to minimize the loss?
  • How will my business be affected from this loss?
  • How can I prevent the loss?

We believe and have enough experience to say that every business has a loss in their field, production, sales and financial services etc.

Agun provides our clients:
  • Studied and proven loss prevention methods, strategies and outcomes.
  • Experienced LP Specialist to run the loss prevention program.
  • Save money by minimizing your losses.

Loss Prevention is a matter of culture that needs to be cultivated in the Company from top management to the bottom staff. It is a fact that everyone should understand and be trained on. lf the company is losing, each staff in the company loses at the end.

It is never too late to build a loss prevention culture in the business. We always ignore the losses, however if we sum all of them statistically, we will see how much we are losing, and believe me it is huge. You cannot stand for losing in the long run. You have to take meausure before it is too late.

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