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Travel Security

As we are highly experienced in international security, we are providing Travel Security Services to the individuals, VIPs and CIPs with our Security Professionals. We are using local intelligence and law enforcement information on Travel Security for our customers to protect and serve better.

Travel, whether for business or pleasure, should include consideration of personal safety and security. International travel security to some locations may be the same as in your country, but for some regions, foreign travel destinations, the risks to your personal security and safety can be quite extreme.

Daily risks vary from lesser crimes such as pick-pockets and hotel burglaries to violent crimes such as kidnapping, rape and even murder. In risky locations, the foreigners may become a victim of kidnapping, theft, robbery or murder as we hear from many locations in the world. We offer security and protection services for persons traveling to anywhere in Turkey.

If you had a security incident in a foreign country, you might not know where to turn, or who to trust. Our security personnel are the best choice. We can provide security professionals who know the language, customs and common threats for specific locations and travel destinations. In addition, our security professionals can coach you on how to act, how to minimize risks and how to avoid common mistakes by foreign travelers. There might be some other dangers from illnesses, water, food contamination, contagious diseases or other health concerns.

We can provide life threatening or non-critical advice to travellers within in our service locations. We also provide secure transportation, guides and close protection professionals who suit your needs. Our security professionals use the best and secure ways to make your travel safe and secure during your travel in our region.

Our security assistance services are available 24 hours and 7 days a week offering current pre-trip security information and analysis. We are continually monitoring events around the world and planning contingencies to respond to uncontrollable incidents. When an emergency occurs, AGUN Security becomes alerted to coordinate and perform all necessary action to protect you.

Your best choice for travel to the locations in Turkey is to ask our company to provide travel security for your needs during your travel.

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