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Security Investigations

Agun Security was established to provide 360 degree security and investigation services. Agun Security has a dedicated, highly trained team of security professionals who possess extensive backgrounds and training from different law enforcement sources.

Agun Security’s experienced team of accomplished consultants, training officers, investigators, and threat management and protection specialists have the ability to design, implement, and manage comprehensive threat assessments and protection programs for clients ranging from multinational companies and corporate personnel to high profile celebrities, authors, royalty, heads of state, and attorneys.

Agun Security ensures that we provide our clients with the most talented, experienced, qualified, and trained security professionals available.

Agun Security utilizes its vast resources to obtain the most accurate, up to date information for our customers’ security and investigative needs. Our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with the critical information to make informed decisions that directly affect business opportunities, corporate assets, corporate personnel or the protection of family members locally or internationally.

The goal of Agun Security is to develop long-term client relationships, not just short-term, one-time projects. We work cooperatively with our clients to focus on their security and investigative needs to develop best value solutions. Agun Security continually evaluates its operating procedures and ongoing client operations to maximize the effectiveness and quality of service to our clients.

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