Executive Protection

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Executive Protection

As we are experienced in international security, we are providing Executive Protection services to the individuals, VIPs and CIPs with our Security Professionals.

Executive protection always needs security professionals who know the location, transportation systems, roads and routes, criminals, crime types and counter measures to protect our customers with experience and close protections methods.

Agun Security works closely with international companies, organizations and corporations, together with local security and law enforcement organizations and understand the needs and requirements of customers to provide premium protection services.

We also provide Close protection services to the businessmen, family members and individuals upon their request for their needs, short or long term period.

Agun Executive Protection always starts with trust, analysis, risk management, planning ahead, resource planning, professional manpowering, flexibility for quick changes, pro-active steps, immediate and effective response to any threat that endangers our customers.

Agun Professionals are well trained on driving and first aid, anti-terrorism, bomb threat, hijacking and theft in public areas. We are also very strict on protection privacy of our customers.

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