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We are located in Istanbul, Turkey and providing security solutions, protection services, intelligence and investigations, loss prevention consultancy and training services.

Executive Protection – A comprehensive, client-tailored executive protection service offering peace-of-mind for multinational corporations’ executives and VIP clients; organized and well-planned trips; easy and quick passage from place to place; and effective time utilization – in order to optimize trip objectives.

Consulting – RTVA (Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment.) We can provide a complete security risk analysis for corporations, public centers, hotels, shopping malls, private assets and homes. The purpose of the assessment is to take into account the possible threats, risks and vulnerabilities of an asset or an organization and to prepare a complete protection plan integrating technology and human resources. Each assessment will be tailor made to fit the client’s needs, demands and resources.

We have worked together with OHSAS Academy, Electro World Retail Stores in Turkey, Fiba Retail Group (Marks & Spencer, GAP Banana Republic) in Turkey and Russia, Carrefour SA in Ankara, Istanbul and Turkey in last 15 years.

Our Experience is based on the following qualifications:
Loss Prevention
Investigations and Background Checks
Security Management
Risk Assessment and Management
Auditing Security Systems
Inventory Control
Facility Management
Monitoring Performance and Supervising
Management of Contractor Companies
Budgeting of Services

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